Atsushi and Tsubasa Couple

Source: JGV

Source: JGV

Atsushi and Tsubasa couple!!

(Corrected me if I’m wrong)

I really love this couple so much!! Look at them !!!!

According to the vid that I has watched and other people.. They are a REAL COUPLE!!!!!

I saw them both wearing a ring on theirs finger!! Really really hot and sweet couple!!

I wish them happiness!! ^^


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7 thoughts on “Atsushi and Tsubasa Couple

  1. OMG!! I love them so much!!

    You’re right, they are so sweet and hot!!

    The first time I seen the movie I was like OMG *-* because the tachi was really careful with his neko

    When the movie started, and the neko (I think his name is Tsubasa, right?) saw the tachi, his facial expression was so adorable *.* and the tachi’s face when they’re… goshhh ♥

    At the end, in the last scene, when Atsushi look at Tsubasa and says “Sukidate” or something like that, I died. And now I’m waiting to see their new movie *___*)9

    Sorry, my english is not good, the grammar bullying me, hahahahaha.

    • OMG!!! The moment tachi say “suki” to the neko was the bomb!!! Hehe.. I was like ABGVdnJsHJdkaBdjdl!!! The neko is so fucking cute!!! And the tachi reaction/respond towards the neko is lovely… I’m waiting for they new jgv… Hope there’s link for them.. ><

      Thanks for the comment!!
      About the grammar problem.. Don't worry… I'm not that good either..

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